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     Our company, M&J was founded in 2003, and we have been specializing in the textile field ever since. We incorporate a combination of woven and knitted textile, along with detailed printing fabric. We carry nylon, poly fabric, and functional clothing with breathable, waterproof, fitted, or cooling features. Our expertise also includes making fine and light denim fabric. Our company provides high quality and competitive prices.


     In order to provide customers an efficient service, we have successfully integrated a step by step process in recent years from simple fabric all the way to the finished product. Our main products include outdoor casual clothing such as down jackets, light jackets, polo shirts, and so on. This has allowed us to become a long-term supplier of many well-known brands.


     Since establishing our business, our focus has always been "efficiency, professionalism, and quality." We will continue to provide our customers with the most competitive product. At M&J, customer satisfaction is our guarantee.  

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